The Herbal Coaching Community invites you to experience the rewards of "do it yourself" natural health. Enroll in our School of Herbalism.

We also offer classes locally in Arkansas.

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A Rancho Arco Iris Event

August 17, Wild Kitchen

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August 10,

Skullcap Untwisted

Eureka Springs

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Ten Courses - $40 !!

We're excited about our recent move to the Blackboard LMS with it's rich learning environment. So we're celebrating by offering you the following ten courses...

1. Introduction to Herbalism

2. History of Western Herbalism

3. Botany

4. Human Anatomy

5. Plant Intelligence & Communication

6. Wildcrafting

7. Making Herbal Medicine

8. Herb Gardening

9. Radiation Protection

10. Organic Gardening

Your Learning Style

Our educational program is designed to accommodate different learning styles and goals. Free-range learning lets you study according to your interests, whenever time permits. A learning community offers support all along the way. Since we all seem to learn best while at play, we're developing a "serious game" format where learning is hard fun and rewards are meaningful.



Your Mission

Photo Credit: ms.akr

Photo Credit: ms.akr

Why do you want to study herbalism and DIY health care? Discover your mission and achieve it step-by-step. For starters, you may just want to dip your toes in by watching our video courses or attending public webinars. Or you may already know the value of healing with plants and want to enroll to join our community and complete courses to satisfy your quest for knowledge.

.Maybe you face a health challenge and your mission is to recover your health? Or aid friends and family? Become an herbal coach? Open an apothecary? Make your own line of herbal products or grow herbs as a business?

We'll help you discover your mission and achieve it. 


Your Wealth

These days few of us have the money to meet our needs, including enrolling in an herbal school. Because the world needs more herbalists (an herbalist in every home!), we've created an alternative economy based on our own currency, the Sepal. You don't need to enroll in the school to join our Exchange and begin trading directly for what you need. Some of our courses can be acquired with Sepals, or partially with Sepals so you can keep your cash in your pocket.

Additionally, our enrollment fees are based on your contributions to learning and the community. The more involved you are with your studies and peers, the lower your enrollment fee. 

We believe that herbalism is a community art and that a community is vital if we are to co-create true wealth for each other and ourselves. Wealth begins with health, then with meeting our necessary needs, and then we're free to soar on towards our missions' bounty. 




This corporation is nonprofit organized exclusively for educational and charitable purposes and is not organized for the private gain of any person. 

This corporation is for the public benefit.